Lady Gaga, a serious talent to be reckoned with, was in County Cork last week doing her thing at the Marquee in Cork City – and enjoying some Irish whiskey during her downtime!

Cork went Gaga for the Lady, and she proved she wasn’t a tramp, hanging out at an Irish pub and unwinding just like the locals.

“You know, when I went to the Rising Tide (a pub in the town of Glounthane), I was pouring myself home. I’d a lot of whiskey, but that’s not a typical day for me. I’m in Ireland and I was celebrating,” Gaga, who played her Cork concert on July 1,  told the Irish Examiner newspaper.

“It was kinda like, Lady Gaga’s here, let’s buy her a drink. It was nice to have a nice evening out in Cork and not be bothered by anyone. And everyone was so friendly. We were hanging out with all the locals.”

All play and no work is not a motto that the Lady lives by, though.

“My voice goes out when I drink too much, so I have to stay pretty healthy and I love that. I was at the gym this morning,” she told the Examiner.

Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta, a native of Yonkers – is no stranger to Irish shores, and in fact will return there to perform at the Oxegen Festival this Sunday at Punchestown, County Kildare.

“I was previously in Ireland, in Dublin, and this is my first time in Cork, but I’m really loving it here. I love the people. It’s been one of my favorite places to visit,” she gushed.