"Twilight" star Kristen Stewart has been hailed as the spine and soul of the rock chick flick "The Runaways," for her portrayal as "sullen, skinny glue-sniffer" Joan Jett.

Times reviewer A. O. Scott says Kristen is "watchful and unassuming," and "gives the movie its spine and soul."

"Cherie may dazzle and appall you, but Joan is the one you root for, and the one rock ’n’ roll fans of every gender and generation will identify with," says Scott.

Kristen plays rock legend Joan Jett in "The Runaways,” which also stars Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie (above.)

The movie charts the rise of the all-girl band from their roots in the mid-1970s and Scott says the two girls strike a really authentic note.

The girls start out as fans and turn into stars.

Pretty much like real life huh?!!