The 'Twihards', some of whom has been waiting for days, were out in full force at the Nokia Theatre LA on Monday night for the premier of the latest Twilight edition – “Breaking Dawn Part 1”

The stars of the movies, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart, to hit the red carpet to greet the press and their fans – as always they did not disappoint.

All three spoke about how emotional filming the final chapters of Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Saga” has been. Robert Pattinson said that finishing up the project was like finishing high school and having to leave his friends.

His 21-year-old girlfriend Kristen Stewart spoke about the infamous wedding scene in the upcoming movie. She said she had imagined their wedding in the movie was the real thing.

Speaking of her character Bella Swan's ceremony with Robert's vampire alter-ego Edward Cullen, she said: "I cleared my mind, I did a pretty good job at forgetting. I didn't want to remember it for any weird, neurotic, actor-y thoughts.



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"I really wanted to remember an experience that felt right for the moment. I don't know, it felt very natural. It felt like, kind of a real ceremony to me."

Robert was also struck by the wedding scenes which made him realize exactly what a huge event it is for a girl.

He told E! News: "She looked like she was so terrified, she was so amazing and everyone was looking at her. You suddenly realize how nerve-wracking it is for women."

While Robert, 25, and Kristen talked about their marriage, co-star Taylor Lautner, 19, was on the receiving end of a proposal from one of the many fans who had lined the streets - and had even camped outside the city's Nokia Theatre for days to get a chance of meeting their idols.

When asked what his response to the sign - which read "Wife Me Taylor" – was, he said: "I signed it for her. I guess that was my answer."

The trio spent a considerable amount of time signing autographs for fans and Robert admitted he was overwhelmed by how many people had turned out for the premiere.

He told MTV: "It's like an alternate reality. My everyday life is so boring, and then you go to these things and everyone thinks something cool is happening."

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