The ‘Twilight’ gang revealed even more secrets about their highly anticipated new flick ‘Breaking Down’ at this year’s Comic Con, July 24th-27th. Pattinson, Stewart, and Lautner were all asked intimate questions about the movie, making way for some interesting answers with some gruesome details.

First, Pattinson was asked "What was it like for Edward & Bella to take their relationship to the next level?" He told a reporter, "Its nice; it's kind of like every, single movie up to this point was leading up to this moment - so it was finally like 'ahhhhhhh!'"

He also expressed how interesting it was to play the role of a happily married couple, when the whole series up to that point was filled with drama. "It was interesting just playing that - they're a married couple and they're having a good time and they're on their honeymoon and it's very strange playing and the series was so filled was drama ... and now they're just kind of handing out as a normal couple."

While Pattinson answered the much-anticipated relationship questions, Kristen Stewart was left to answer the questions that her boyfriend simply couldn't cover: "What was it like shooting the much talked about birth scene in 'Breaking Dawn?"

She replied: "It was hell, actually. It really was pretty brutal.”



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Stewart continued by saying that they shot the scene over the course of two days, and that "It's definitely not your typical birthing scene. It's pretty grotesque."

So grotesque, in fact, that Stewart claimed she popped a few blood vessels in her eyes from rolling them back into her head in a show of extreme pain.

However, she remarked that she thought it was "tones down" from the original scene in the book, a good sign for nervous audience members.

In the novel, Bella coughs up blood, for example, and Stewart assures there will be none of that. She also remarked that the scene is "definitely through her eyes" so the audience truly gets a feel of the difficult birth.

"It's a very visceral experience."

Taylor Lautner, who plays hunky wearwolf Jacob Black, was asked how he thought fans would take to how his character ends up taken with Edward and Bella's daughter after investing so much time trying to win over Bella.

Lautner responded honestly, "It was a little shocking when I read it for the first time."

He says that "it was challenging" to film, but that Stefanie Meyers, the book's author, describes "imprinting"- the reason he fell in love with the young baby - so well, that he believes he pulled it off.

And when asked if he was sad that the 'Twilight' saga has concluded, Lautner said a mournful, simple "absolutely" with a shake of his head.

"We're such good friends now, so it's tough knowing that we're not going to be going back to film again."

Lautner's newest film 'Abduction' will be premiering on September 23rd, and the teenage heartthrob says that he is "super proud of it."