"Killing Bono" is a new musical comedy currently being filmed in Belfast.
The film is set in the 1970s and the early 80s and is based on Neil McCormick's book, "I was Bono's Doppelganger".
McCormick was a schoolfriend of Bono’s and formed a band around the same time U2 began playing together.
In the 1970s McCormick and his brother Ivan set up a band to rival U2, but while McCormick and his band struggled to get a gig, U2 became an international sensation.
The film stars Ben Barnes from the Chronicles of Narnia fame, Krysten Ritter, Pete Postlethwaite from "In the Name of the Father" and Marty McCann, who stars in Steven Spielberg’s’ upcoming series "The Pacific".
An unreleased U2 song will also feature in the film.
The film is being directed by Belfast man Nick Hamm, and producer Mark Huffman is also from Belfast.
“We’re delighted to be filming in Belfast. This city lends itself better to period pieces and budget restrictions made it easier to film here than in London or Dublin.

“We’ve got a brilliant cast and director, so we’re confident the finished product will be really good.” said Huffman.

Filming is expected to last four weeks and the movie is due to be released later this year.