READ MORE- Caroline Kennedy forced Disney to scrap Kennedy mini-series

The Kennedys miniseries looks set to be aired on a U.S. cable TV station after it was axed from the History Channel.

The network ReelzChannel announced its acquisition of the series, which will begin its run on April 3.

The 8-part miniseries will a paint a portrait of the Kennedy family in what critics have described as a controversial manner. Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the assassinated American president reportedly led the bid to having the series axed from the History Channel.

It stars Greg Kinnear as JFK and Katie Holmes as Jackie Onassis. Holmes, who is a lifelong fan of the former first lady, was said to be very disappointed when the series was originally axed.

Despite the claims over the scripts historical inaccuracy, Michael Prupas, the executive producer of the series said that it was “meticulously researched”.

“It's the truth,” he said. “The goal of the script from the very beginning was to tell the family story of the Kennedys.

“There's much written evidence of what went on in that family. They truly were a great family that has a Shakespearian story arc that resulted in many tragedies and many great successes.”

“It is a positive reflection – but we have shown the flaws,” he added.

“It is blatantly obvious from many public sources that the family had certain flaws and certain problems. We weren't inventing the wheel,” he added.

The network ReelzChannel broadcasts to 60 million homes.

READ MORE- Caroline Kennedy forced Disney to scrap Kennedy mini-series