Kelly Osbourne fears she will turn to drink and drugs when 'Dancing with the Stars' ends.

The 25-year-old presenter is concerned she will lapse back into substance abuse when she has more time on her hands but is doing her best to avoid repeating her self-destructive habits.

Kelly - who is in the final of the US TV talent show - said: "When I'm busy and not left with me in my own head I'm fine. "I worry about when the show stops - slipping back into negativity, drink and drugs. I'm taking precautions so I won't get in that position. My life when I drink is so dark and miserable."

Although Kelly has been sober since she left a rehab clinic in February, she has no problem with others drinking alcohol around her and has even postponed her wedding to 19-year-old Luke Worrall until he is old enough to drink in America, where the legal age is 21.

Kelly - who mainly lives in the US - said: "Luke and I are engaged and we'll get married when I want to. But he isn't even 21 yet, so he can't drink in America so what's the point in getting married until he can?" Luke turns 21 in December 2011.