IRISH soccer ace Robbie Keane kicked off the celebrity summer wedding season with some style last Saturday, as he married his girlfriend of six years, Claudine Palmer, a model, (what else?) with Mass in Dublin, followed by a lavish party at the Ritz-Carlton in Co. Wicklow.

To the couple's credit, they didn't drape themselves and their guests in security blankets to protect a million-euro deal for exclusive photo rights with a glossy magazine. Rather, they happily posed for photos for the waiting photogs and fans who lined up outside the church for a glimpse of the famous sportsman and his bride. The local paparazzi were even treated to champagne by Keane's security team!

Many of the hotshot players from the Irish national side were on hand for the big day - not that there are too many stars on that sorry squad, but we digress. Keane's teammates and friends from England were also there.

The bride, a former Miss Ireland contestant (what else?), cruised up to the church 13 minutes late in a Phantom Rolls Royce. The rest of the guests were bussed to and from the church to the party. Keane, who makes millions, took over the entire Ritz-Carlton, and guests staying the previous night were told they had to check out at noon.

If the day job ever goes bad, perhaps Keane, 27, will have a second career as a crooner. At the party he belted out the Garth Brooks song "If Tomorrow Never Comes" in honor of his bride.