Katie Holmes has said that he best part of playing First Lady to John F. Kennedy is the clothes.

Katie Holmes is playing the role of Jackie Kennedy in an eight-part miniseries for the History Channel. Most famously known for her role of Joey Potter in “Dawson’s Creek” and now as Tom Cruise’s wife, Holmes is playing this once in life time role alongside Greg Kinnear, who plays JFK.

She said the outfits are “magnificent”.

“I feel so lucky” said Holmes. “We have these wonderful seamstresses who are creating beautiful dresses that are obviously replicas of real things she wore. Armani made two dresses for me to wear.” She told US magazine.

“The Kennedy’s” is the History Channel’s first scripted series. The Channel said the series will “depict a manipulative, egocentric father living out his ambitions through his sons,” the cable network said. The story will follow the personal dramas in the family which take place on a background of historic events such as the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the civil rights struggle.

The series will be aired in the United States in 2011.