Kathy Griffin is not exactly shy about medical procedures. Over the years the Irish American comedian has undergone multiple surgeries including liposuction, rhinoplasty, browlift and Botox.
At one point she even joked to Oprah Winfrey: 'I’m working on the new personality.'
But when it comes to corrective laser treatment, she is adamantly against it after her own nightmare experiences.
When Griffin went for Lasik surgery in 2003 the procedures left her more and more shaken. Griffin underwent a total of five operations performed by Doctor Robert Maloney in Los Angles, correcting what she called mounting errors, until she was eventually left partially blind in her right eye.
On her website, Griffin states: 'I will not be going to him again.'
Griffin's final procedure lasted 90 minutes and she endured 17 stitches in her eye for three weeks. That's why nowadays she urges anyone considering getting Lasik surgery to look at her experience and think again.
On her website Griffin wrote: 'As of now, I’m not in pain anymore, but my vision in my right eye is extremely blurry. It can’t be improved with glasses or contacts."
Apparently the procedure is not without risks. No one forced Kathy to do it of course, but in the get-it-taken-care-of-quick society we live it its as well to remember there are real risks attached.