Glee has become the go-to show for Hollywood A-Listers looking to moonlight, sing a few numbers and maybe score some cultural clout into the bargain.
That's why the announcement that Irish American comedienne and gay-fav Kathy Griffin is getting an episode is such a no-brainer for the all singing, all dancing show.

Griffin will reportedly appear as a character named Tammy Jean, described by Glee creator Ryan Murphy as "a recent tea party candidate and home schooler - a Sarah Palin type."

We expect Griffin will nail this role the same way skewers the snooty pomposity of other A-List stars like Madonna and Barbara Walters.

Murphy says that Tammy Jean was created to add a Christian character into the Glee mix, adding another layer of mayhem to an already soapy mix.

Kathy Griffin has recruited a new BFF: Kate Gosselin