Kathy Griffin visited "The Tonight Show" with Conan O'Brien on Monday night to promote her new book, “Official Book Club Selection,” and her new TV comedy special “Balls of Steel."

But the conversation between the two fiery-haired, Irish-American comedians quickly turned to Griffin’s “love affair” with Levi Johnston.

The “My Life on the D-List” star referred to her romance with “Bristol Palin’s baby daddy,” as O’Brien referred to him, as a “Brangelina situation.”

“He’s 19 years young,” Griffin, who claimed she’s just 27, said.  

“I am in a serious, committed relationship with Levi Johnston, and I resent that you’re suggesting that it might be for publicity to sell books,” she told O’Brien.

The funny lady admits that she invited Johnston to accompany her on the red carpet at this year’s Teen Choice Awards as a publicity stunt, but then the two proceeded to “fall in love.”

O’Brien could not hold back his laughter as Griffin suddenly said: “Do you feel a kicking? I think there’s like, a baby bump happening. I knew it! Oh, thank you Jesus!

“Once again, I am not saying that I’m pregnant by Levi Johnston to sell books at all. I think I really felt some kicking, I really do.”

Late night host O’Brien then steered their conversation to the topic of Griffin’s hot and cold relationship with Barbara Walters and “The View.” The comedian auditioned for the show for several months, then was temporarily banned from the set more than once.

“I have a relationship with Barbara Walters that’s like a love-hate situation,” Griffin said. “Like Brokeback Mountain, I can’t quit her.”

Then she added: “When I used to do ‘The View,’ she would kick me under the table when I was inappropriate so I looked like Rihanna from the knees down. She was my Chris Brown.

“I had bruises and lacerations, but it was worth it.”