She's baaaaaaaaaack! 'Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List' premieres its sixth season on June 15 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

And Levi Johnston, the living embodiment of abstinence only, is guesting and the two make a visit to Sarah Palin's house!

'Levi and I went to Sarah Palin's house and knocked on the door,' Kathy reports. What she doesn't say is whether or not anyone answered!

The two met when Kathy cold-called Levi to accompany her to an event. She considers it a stroke of genius, saying, 'I was nominated for two Teen Choice Awards, which is ridiculous at the age of 49. I thought, alright, if I go to the Teen Choice Awards, nobody is going to be looking at me. They are going to be looking at the 'High School Musical' kids, or the 'Twilight' kids; I need the ideal teen date. I called Levi in the 'Silla [Wasilla, Alaska] and we went.'

Kathy says what she likes about Levi is 'he is fearless and that even under tremendous pressure from the RNC (Republican National Committee) as well as the Palin family, he has never changed his story.'

What happened after that? You'll have to tune in. 'Don't act like that is not gonna be some good TV,' Griffin said.

Kathy Griffin has recruited a new BFF: Kate Gosselin