Directors of "Law & Order: SVU" cut out the much-anticipated kiss between comedian Kathy Griffin and the shows female lead, Mariska Hargitay.

Griffin, who appeared on the show in a recent episode playing the role of a lesbian activist named Babs Duffy, twittered after it aired to say "They DID cut the kiss with Benson."

During the filming, Babs makes a pass at Detective Olivia Benson (Hargitay) and plants one right on her lips. Benson, according to Griffin, pulls away immediately.

Babs said she thought the attractive detective was gay, explaining “You’re like Ellen, Joan Crawford, and Calamity Jane all rolled into one. You can balance a checkbook, I’ll throw in Suze Orman.”

However viewers will never know. I guess it's something that will be left up to our imagination.. if you're into that kind of stuff!