The 32-year-old actress has never had any desire to explore life away from Earth and admits working on new movie 'The Martian' only strengthened her conviction that it is something she isn't interested in.

Asked by BANG Showbiz if she wants to go into space, she said: "No, absolutely not. I didn't want to go before making this movie, and I absolutely do not want to go now that I know a lot more about space. It's too scary."

Kate stars opposite Matt Damon - who plays an astronaut who gets left behind on Mars alone - and admits the chance to work with him and director Sir Ridley Scott was too good to turn down.

Speaking about her reasons for taking on the movie at the European premiere of the movie in London's Leicester Square on Thursday, she said: "First of all, Ridley Scott, the director. It was great to get the chance to work with Ridley, I've always wanted to work with him. And Matt Damon as well."

Kate was joined at the premiere by Ridley, Matt and co-stars Jessica Chastain and Kristen Wiig.