A familiar face on Saturday Night Live, proud Irish American Will Ferrell, stepped back on stage to host the popular weekend show last Saturday.

During his opening montage, Ferrell invited his mother on stage to wish her an unscripted happy Mother’s Day, straight from his "brain place."

“I'm not so great with words…other people write what I say,” Ferrell said as he pulled his mother up on stage.

“The words I'm saying right now are from my brain place to my mouth hole. Mom, I have love. I love the way you be, you be a big ol' mommy.”

“You made milk for me…like the lady from the cover of Time magazine….I wanna cover you in super glue and roll you in flowers…if you were attacked by a dozen ninjas wearing crotchless panties, I would fight them. I would fight them hard.”

To celebrate the 100th "SNL" digital short, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman, and Michael Bolton all contributed to an epic musical number.
In advance of his “Battleship” debut this coming weekend, Liam Neeson made a cameo during Andy Samberg's “Weekend Update.” As Samberg entertained audiences with his intense impression of Nicolas Cage, the award winning Irish actor delivered his signature quote from "Taken".

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Usher and Will Ferrell on "Saturday Night Live"Google Images