Predictions this July 4th for our major celebrities:

1. Rob Pattinson will announce he is moving on from 'Twilight' series to focus on more adult roles.

2.Twilight fans everywhere will protest in their thousands.

3. Colin Farrell will get married again -- he can't resist the lure of the ladies.

4.An affair between him and Olivia Wilde will be predicted-- they are both Irish.

5.George Clooney will announce desire to play James Bond.

6. Current Bond Daniel Craig will announce he is going nowhere.

7.Rosie O'Donnell will take over ABC slot formerly reserved for Oprah.

8. Oprah will announce a prime time comeback in response.

9. Rob Pattinson and Colin Farrell will soon team up in a movie.

10. Movie set will be over run by female fans

Robert Pattinson