A new big budget 10 episode Irish-Canadian production of Camelot is set to take a fresh approach to the classic King Arthur story.

The filming will take place at Ardmore studios, where Showtime hit 'The Tudors' was shot.

Yesterday in Beverly Hills, Starz presented Camelot’s star Joseph Fiennes, who plays the magician Merlin, talked about this opulent new star-studded series.

'He is more of a warrior monk and less of a Zen Obi-Wan Gandalf, I think there’s a duality with Merlin…he fights fire with fire; he drives out a nail with another nail. He doesn’t turn the other cheek. I don’t think Merlin is a villain, but he is far from driven snow. I think he is full of Machiavellian machinations. There’s an element of Willy Wonka, Donald Rumsfeld and Obi-Wan to him.'

The promotional clip shown to the press looked more like a feature film than a TV production, whetting appetites for a big budget stunner in The Tudors line. The show will premiere in 2011.