Men, would you buy a bottle of cologne from Jonathan Rhys Meyers? The folks at Hugo Boss think so, as they've plucked the Irish star of the Showtime series "The Tudors" to shill for their new scent called Hugo Element. First stop on the pre-Valentine's Day publicity trail? Macy's in New York's Herald Square. And JRM did his job well, dutifully kissing and signing autographs all the ladies he met - provided they forked out $65 for a bottle of Element. So is the unmarried and, as far as we're aware, girlfriend-less JRM ready to go all corny for a date as the big red holiday rapidly approaches? Not exactly. "I'm not a romantic guy at all," JRM told People magazine at Macy's. "It's not that I don't believe in romance. It's that I don't believe in dinner for two by the ocean, walking down the beach holding hands - that version of romance. "I think I'm probably romantic, but I'm not outwardly romantic. I'm not a player." The 31-year-old actor's most serious relationship was with British cosmetics heiress Reena Hammer, but their on-off, years long union appears to be kaput these days, if you believe Internet gossip wags. No matter, as he's certainly got plenty of work-related activities to keep him more than busy. In addition to the Hugo gig JRM recently signed a contract to model for Energie Jeans, a sibling to the popular (if you're a size two) Miss Sixty brand. The third season of "The Tudors" hits screens on April 15, and JRM is anxious for the show's many fans to see what's in store. This go-round "is better than seasons one and two put together," he offers. "I go through three wives this season!" And there was plenty of fun to be had on the Dublin set with the ladies, too, particularly all the nude scenes, which JRM describes shooting as "very comfortable. There are worse things you could do with yourself on a rainy Tuesday morning in Dublin." That's for sure! Other projects in the pipeline for the Cork actor include a new thriller, "Shelter," co-starring Julianne Moore, which will be released later this year. He also recently wrapped a film called "From Paris With Love," which co-stars John Travolta. Commenting on the tragedy of Travolta's teen son Jett, who died from a seizure during the New Year's period in the Bahamas, JRM offered his sympathy to his new friend. "You can't really bear thinking about it because it's not the natural order. Kids should bury parents, parents shouldn't bury kids," he said. "I sent a message to him, just to offer my condolences, because we became very, very close. He was very, very close to Jett, so my heart goes out to him. I think he's a strong guy though. They'll pull through. They're a strong family unit."