Jonathan Rhys Meyers is wisely choosing to stay away from booze.

The troubled Irish star was spotted on a hot date at a posh Dublin restaurant, and onlookers say he didn’t touch the sauce.

It’s encouraging news, given that the actor has checked into rehab on three separate occasions and arrested twice in alcohol-related charges. Concerns about “The Tudors” star’s drinking problems sparked Showtime studio bosses to order Rhys Meyers to stay clean while filming the latest season of the hit show this summer.

The 32-year-old Dubliner decided to obey authority while dining out at the Dublin restaurant Pichet with a mystery blonde bombshell.

Rhys Meyers passed up wine offers and chose to sip on lemonade instead.

A witness told Ireland’s Herald: "He didn't touch a drop all night – he stuck to the soft drinks the whole night and was overheard telling the waiter that a good friend had recommended Pichet to him."

The Irish actor, dressed in his trademark jeans, biker boots and leather jacket, and his date, a petite blonde who was certainly not on-and-off girlfriend of five years Reena Hammer, were seen gazing in each other’s eyes while deep in conversation all night.

"She was a stunning blonde and very petite – she looked like a model but was quite timid,” the source said. “He came in a little while later and was the total opposite. He was very gregarious, chatting away the whole time.”

Though happy he’s sober, now all Rhys Meyers fans want to know is who was his mystery dinner date?