Jonathan Rhys Meyers is set to star alongside Kevin Bacon in a new comedy, “Whole Lotta Sole.”

The film will begin shooting in Belfast, Ireland in 2010.

“The Tudors” star Rhys Meyers will play a thief who attempts to steal from a fish market, and takes Bacon’s character hostage in the process.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the Irish actor’s character fights to stay one step ahead of both the police and a local gangster.

“My Dog Skip” director Jay Russell has signed on to direct the comedy, which was written by Thomas Gallagher and “Hotel Rwanda” screenwriter Terry George.

"This is a great comedy project, not like Terry's usual political fare,” Russell said.

“It's very exciting to have one of the best young actors today, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, teamed up with one of the greats, Kevin Bacon."

Another Irish actor, James Nesbitt, who co-starred with Liam Neeson in the critically acclaimed film “Five Minutes of Heaven,” is also set to appear in the comedy.