Well, there's no doubt that Henry VIII knew how to makes heads turn - or should that be roll?
And in 'The Tudors', which is now its fourth and final season, the cast and crew of this bloated chocolate box version of history sure know how to make eyes roll too.
First there's the intense and often scary performance of Ireland's Jonathan Rhys Meyers. If ever an actor was well cast for a role that requires gold plated megalomania, it's our Johnny.
He excels as the capricious, nasty piece of work that Henry VIII actually was. The new series began in the sweltering summer of 1540, as Henry has his fourth marriage to Anne of Cleves nullified.
Meanwhile, he has noticed Catherine Howard, who at 17 becomes wife number five. You'd think with odds like that she'd have been a bit more cautious, but who knows?
The fourth season will ultimately carry Henry to his death in 1547. But for Jonathan Rhys Meyers the whole silly series has been a wild and unexpectedly successful silly ride.