It has emerged that Jonathan Rhys Meyers used the “N” word while hurling abuse at airport staff.

As if being banned from a flight for being drunk for the third time in three years isn’t bad enough now it seems that Meyers can add racism to his rap sheet.

In 2007 Meyers was detained in Dublin airport for being too drunk to fly and again last year in Charles De Gaulle airport, Paris.

This month the Irish star has been banned from flying with United Airlines after he became drunk and disorderly in the first class lounge. Staff said that he had been drinking a lot of vodka, and this was before 7am.

As it became clear that Meyers was getting drunk the staff intervened. The staff prevented him from boarding the flight to Los Angeles and Meyers became agitated and abusive.

This is also not the first time that Meyer’s temper has caused him problems.

During the 2009 Charles De Gaulle airport incident, in Paris, he disgraced himself by throwing money at the airport staff as they trying to control him and shouting “don’t you know who I am?”