Jon Stewart was clearly enjoying himself while mocking the CNN coverage of Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee flotilla down the River Thames. Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host didn’t hold back mocking Piers Morgan over-the-top coverage of the occasion.

Stewart mocked the ailing networks over verbose use of language as Morgan referred to the event as an “orgy”.

As the parade trundled down the river on the dull, rainy Sunday afternoon Stewart questioned the excitement being exuded on CNN.

He said “Is this somehow the British equivalent of a monster truck show?" Stewart joked. "Come down to the Thames and see a rotating boat on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!”

He also commented on how CNN did not report on the breaking news that a plane had crashed in Lagos, Nigeria, killing 153 people. Instead Morgan announced that the military fly-be in honor of the Queen had been cancelled.

He said “Breaking news. That's right, they're CNN, and there was that tragic plane crash in Nigeria at the exact same time with those terrible casualties. This is where real life intrudes on the fairy tale, probably where CNN cuts away and we'll get bits and pieces of taped flotilla recaps as CNN goes wall-to-wall on that terrible tragedy.”

The Daily Show's British 'correspondent' John Oliver said “Obviously it's impossible to look at what's happening here and not think about what it represents. The sad last gasp of a once-powerful empire, its best days long behind it, desperately trying to conjure up a happier time when it was something more than a decaying relic.”

Stewart replied that it’s a “pretty harsh thing to say about your own homeland.”

Oliver responded saying “I was talking about CNN.”

Here’s the clip from Comedy Central: