Bon Jovi is playing a dream open air gig at Slane Castle in Co. Meath, and band leader Jon Bon Jovi is doing what he can to hustle the 80,000 available tickets.

Bon Jovi flew into Slane a couple of months ago to promote the gig with Slane owner Lord Henry Mountcharles, and he was back on Irish radio airwaves a few days back talking about how he can’t wait to thrill his Irish fans.  He even went so far to say that he wishes he had some Irish blood coursing through his Italian veins.

“I never take my wanting to be Irish lightly. The memories I’ve had there are going to last a lifetime,” the gorgeous Bon Jovi said during an interview broadcast on Irish radio station Today FM. 

“This is a huge date for me this summer. I’ve pretty much done everything a man can do.  Slane is the one you circle on the calendar. I felt it going there that afternoon. It’s circled on the calendar.

“I can’t wait. I always love coming back to Ireland, especially my time in Dublin, but Slane is the one we haven’t been able to [do] either for scheduling or it wasn’t available, but this year it worked out.”

Bon Jovi says he’s a fan of homeboys U2, but hasn’t always been impressed with their big stage shows.  

“I’ve seen some great productions with U2 and I’ve seen others with them that I’ve scratched my head,” he said, branding the band’s 1997 PopMart tour, complete with giant lemons and a McDonald’s-like golden arch, a dud. 

“The lemon leaves a bit to be desired. I looked at that lemon and I said, ‘Nah I don’t think so.’”

Bon Jovi set to rock Slane Castle this summerMichael Kovacs, Getty Images for Clear Channel