Johnny Depp has reportedly dropped out of the upcoming Whitey Bulger biopic ‘Black Mass’ after he was asked to lower his salary for the film.

The Hollywood Reporter says that following a “soft sale” at Cannes Film Festival, the makers behind ‘Black Mass’ were forced to cut back their budget, and looked to Depp’s hefty paycheck to lessen costs.

For the film, Depp was to be given his usual paycheck of $20 million. After the soft sale at Cannes though, Depp was asked to half his check for the film.

Depp and his representatives refused the massive pay cut, and thus Depp walked away from the project.

While the film may be in flux now, Depp’s bank account certainly won’t be hurting with the opening of his ‘Lone Ranger’ next month.

‘Black Mass’ is due to be a biopic about Boston gangster and FBI informant James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, with Depp originally in the role as Bulger.

Johnny Depp pulls out of Whitey Bulger