Citing financial difficulties, John Travolta’s newest project ‘Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father’ has reportedly “hit the wall” in terms of production. Travolta was slotted to play the lead of Gotti, Sr alongside Al Pacino. reports that the film has been “plagued” by financial problems since the start.
Now, the promised overseas funds have yet to materialize, halting the project to move into filming. Production was set to begin in January, but now bogged down with problems, that is unlikely.
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Aside from financial difficulties, the project appears to be facing other struggles as well. Actor Joe Pesci sued the project after his role was supposedly downgraded to a less lucrative one, after he had packed on thirty pounds to appear more like his original character. Also, it is still uncertain whether Lindsay Lohan is committed to the film or not.

Due to the lack of funds, wardrobes and sets have been left incomplete, further threatening the fate of this film. The delays in both funds and filming puts the dedication of the talented ensemble at risk for the film.

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