Nicholas Cage, star of “Ghost Rider” and John Cusack (“The Raven”) have teamed up before in high-energy hit, “Con Air” and they are ensemble again in upcoming thriller, “Frozen Ground” produced by co-star, Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent.

Based on the investigation of a real-life serial killer, Robert Hansen, who stalked or killed between 17 and 21 women, IndieWire reports.

Alaskan detective, Glenn Flothe, played by Nicholas Cage, leads the investigation into Hansen’s (John Cusack) crimes.  Information is provided to  the detective by a 17-year-old girl, (Vanessa Hudgens) who escaped the hands of the serial killer and is longing for justice.

As the main men in this movie stick to their regular roles, Hudgens character is said to be a far cry from her character in her “High School Musical Days”.

Producer, 50 Cent also stars. He has the role of a pimp, and as pictures of some of the actors in the movie have been released, Voltage Pictures have displayed none of him yet. 

There is no set release date for this feature film production, written and directed by newcomer Scott Walker, but it’s said to come to screens around December 1st.

Irish American star John Cusack in "Frozen Ground"