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Irish-American actor John C. Reilly is known more prominently for his comedic abilities on the big and small screen, but once in a while Reilly gets dark and dramatic wowing not only critics but also loyal fans of his comedic work.

'Terri' does not promise to get as dark as Reilly's role in 'The Good Girl' in which he played the cuckolded husband of a pregnant Jennifer Aniston, but he leaves the farce and outrageousness of 'Talladega Nights' and the like behind for the good-old American buddy genre. And by good buddy films, we don’t mean Reilly’s previous venture 'Step Brothers.'

According to Film Junk, 'Terri' stars Reilly as a high school guidance counselor who befriends a high school student, played by Jacob Wysocki, on the periphery of "normality" - he's overweight, he does not fit in, and he even wears pajamas to school. The film, which is set to hit the festival circuit and premiere in theaters on July 1st,  displays the range of Reilly's acting chops, as he flawlessly transitions between the dramatic and the comedic.

Although it is too soon to tell whether the role will garner any silverware for Reilly with the awards season kicking off later in the year, it is definitely set to give Reilly the critical acknowledgment he longs for and undoubtedly deserves.