The family collection of bad photos just got a little bigger. In a prank, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to dress their kids in uncool or embarrassing back to school outfits and film the children’s reaction. He showed some of videos on Wednesday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

Fashion faux pas ranged from one little girl’s pink and black striped dress with matching striped tights to an ensemble resembling a burlap bag to a tee shirt decorated with flowers for a young boy. Kimmel showed the kid’s reactions to the outfits in a clip he called, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel I Got My Kid a Horrible Back to School Outfit.” This challenge was the latest of Kimmel’s ongoing YouTube challenges.

Kids’ reactions ranged from complaining to tantrums and they are not the only ones upset about this fashion crime. In one video in which two young boys are dressed up like girls, an off screen voice says, “I want to know if Jimmy Kimmel is going to be paying for a psychiatrist for us.”

After trying on the embarrassing outfits, the parents told their kids about the challenge and one little girl cried, “So this is all just to get a little laugh? I hate Jimmy Kimmel. I hate Jimmy Kimmel.”

Check out all the clothes and tears in the video below: