Popular TV host and comic Jimmy Kimmel took surprise advantage of a power blackout to broadcast an installment of his popular late-night show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.
The host delighted viewers by recording and broadcasting the show using his laptop and webcam.
The result was an unusual but already acclaimed variation of the usual show. Viewers seem thrilled at having been able to get a personal insight into Kimmel’s life, as he carried his laptop around his house trying to work through his standard show routine.
Kimmel eventually made his way into the studio, which had functioning lights but no camera, where he welcomed guest Seth Rogen and proceeded to go through with the interview that had originally been planned, and although the microphones were lost about halfway through the planned interview, it was a success.
The visuals were funny but both Kimmel and the audience seemed to be reacting positively to the unusually low-tech setup.
Near the top of the show, Kimmel said, “We have reach a crossroads. Either this will be a great idea and we’ll get accolades for it, or this is bull—-.”
Judging by responses so far, the idea was a great one.