Comedian Jimmy Fallon spoofed Mitt Romney’s call to newly re-elected President Barack Obama on the “Late Show with Jimmy Fallon” after the Tuesday election, according to the NY Post.

Fallon as Romney tells Obama, “Congratulations, blah blah blah, you did it” to which Obama, played by Dion Flynn, responds, “Hey hey hey now, everything OK? You seem a little down.” Fallon says, “It’s just that I really wanted to be president. I was gonna create 12 million jobs.” Obama points out, “Well look, buck up. You created one job - except it was for me.”

The skit features singing, hugs, and Little Caesar Pizza references.

Mock Obama thinks about taking a trip to Colorado or Washington, states that recently legalized recreational marijuana. They discuss how their running partners responded to the election results. Romney says Paul Ryan, a fitness enthusiast, ripped apart a Bow-Flex machine and Obama says Joe Biden played naked twister with Diane Sawyer and Chris Matthews.

Romney tries to figure out where he went wrong with his campaign and Mock Obama suggests it was the Latino vote. Romney says, “Odd, because 80 percent of Latinos work for me.”

The video ends with the two reflecting on the good times and the respect they have for one another. Mock Obama says, “I’m expecting that ‘Dawson’s Creek’ theme to play. How does it go again?” and the two of them sing the theme song together.

Watch the full video here.

"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" spoofed Mitt Romney's concession call to President Obama.NY Post