Following in the shoes of controversial Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Fallon will host the Emmy Awards which will take place this Sunday, August 29, at the Nokia Theatre, L.A.

The presenter has welcomed a new idea which means that viewers, or at least the public, will write the introductions for the guests, who will present awards. This means that that 15 Emmy presenters or about half of trophy winners will receive their introductions from the public via Twitter.

For example Matthew Morrison, star of "Glee" will be one of the presenters. If one of the public's tweets is deemed usable by NBC Fallon will read out something like "Mr. User says Matthew Morrison is the best of the best joking guy of all times." Here is he, Matthew Morrison”.

Fallon, although most certainly entering into uncharted waters, seems confident about hosting the awards. He said that Ricky Gervais had been emailing him, giving him some pointers.

Speaking at the premiere of Drew Barrymore's movie "Going the Distance" he said "Ricky has emailed me and given me some advice…He'll be presenting at this year's Emmys and I already know his bit is very funny.

"We're going to have an ice cold beer as soon as it's over with, so it doesn't matter what's going to happen!"

Already in L.A. preparing for the event he commented on the difficulty he has getting a tan. He said "I'm trying to get a tan while I'm out here, because I'm from New York, and it's very hard for an Irish guy to get a tan. I'm out by the pool, my face is turning red like a lobster, but I'm very excited. This Sunday all the TV stars will be coming out, I think its going to be a good show."