After major back-to-back successes, Northern Irish golf star Rory McIlroy dropped by Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show with Tiger Woods as part of their promotion for a new line of Nike golf gear.
Fallon challenged McIlroy, the world’s greatest golfer at age 25, to a putting game called ‘Facebreakers,’ where the men have to smash golf balls through glass panels with their opponent’s face printed on them. Whoever breaks all of the panels with the other’s face on it first, wins.
Tiger Woods stood back as Fallon’s coach and ball caddy, lining up the balls for Fallon and offering the occasional one-liner.

Woods is on a golfing hiatus until his World Challenge tournament in Orlando, Florida, scheduled for the first week of December.
Last week he withdrew himself from the Ryder Cup, as he wasn’t confident he’d be able to score a point for the US considering his recurring back injuries.
“When your name is called you have to be able to go out there and get a point and I didn’t feel like I could be ready enough to get a point,” Woods told Sky Sports News. “With that being said, it was time to shut it down, get stronger, get more explosive again and get back for next year.”
Woods took a fall at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational, misaligning his hip and causing his back injuries to start up again. He said he won’t be picking up a golf club until December.
It looks like Woods put his faith in Fallon to take his place for the time being – watch to see who wins the close game of ‘Facebreakers.’