Irish director Jim Sheridan was so unhappy with new release 'Dream House' that he asked for his name to be taken off the credits.

The LA Times has claimed that the movie, which has taken just short of $10 million so far, has failed to woo critics and audiences alike.

Starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz as a couple tormented by ghosts, the film is Sheridan’s latest attempt to revive his career, but even he was disappointed with the end product.


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The report claims that the six-time Oscar nominee went so far as to ask the Directors Guild of America in the summer in a bid to get his name removed from the credits with Alan Smithee – Hollywood’s equivalent of John Doe – credited as director.

Sheridan has refused to comment on the story which appears on the LA Times website.

The site claims two people familiar with the story have confirmed Sheridan’s bid to remove his name from the movie credits.

Sheridan, it claims, eventually dropped the bid after financiers Morgan Creek agreed to a new set of reshoots for the genre film.

The report also claims that Sheridan deviated from David Loucka’s script early on, using an "improvisational method he favors."

Test screenings, say the report, proved disastrous before the reshoots.

Finally the production company took control of the film’s final cut in the edit room from the director as is their right.

The Irish director, famous for 'My Left Foot,' refused to do any publicity for the movie when it was released Universal Pictures.

Sheridan has previously directed ‘In the Name of the Father’ and ‘In America’ but has struggled for critical or commercial success in recent years with the likes of ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and ‘Brothers.'

He is currently working on plans to make a movie about his childhood in Dublin’s inner city.


Critically acclaimed Irish director Jim Sheridan