It was a surprising turn of events last night on “American Idol 2012” when one Miss Jane Carrey stepped up in front of the judges, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler to audition.

Daughter to one of the world’s most famous comedic actors, the waitress, explained why she had decided to step out into the limelight.

She told the judges “It’s difficult growing up in a shadow trying to find your way.”

The 24-year-old, who has a son, said “I feel like there is all this pressure to make it, but better.
“I am here to just make my place in the world.”

When she stepped up Jackson asked “Does father know you are here?”

Lopez looked decidedly confused but she the penny dropped she said “Oh I know Jim…I remember you from when you were little.”


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The panel were impressed with Carrey’s talent. Jackson said “I like you I like the voice I like the potential.”

Upon learning the news she’d made it to the next level Carrey phoned her father who was waiting outside.

Jim told Ryan Seacrest “She’s so wonderful, she’s amazing I can’t wait for the world to understand what she has. Way to go. Oh my god this is going to be an exciting year.”

Here’s the video: