Ryan Academy (NY) girls at 'Jig' Credit:Heather Kontonis

Check out what Feis America's FaceBook fans had to say about seeing "Jig" in theaters this weekend:

"We really enjoyed it. We laughed, cried and the girls I took came away motivated and inspired!"
-Kelly Fitzgerald Atzbach

"Great film. NYC yesterday afternoon."
- Denise Doonan

- Fidelma McGroary

"It was amazing and the perfect inspiration for my feis today. Everybody I went with felt really happy and wanting to dance in the middle of West Hollywood!"
- Kati Byrne

"Wonderful film. Saw it with my two girls here in Toronto ages 10 and 6..."
- Melanie May

"It was a great look into Irish dance. It really showed how hard these kids work and the sacrifices made [by] these kids and their parents. You really fell in love with these kids and wish them all continued success. Congrats to Sue Bourne!"
- Sue, Feis411

Here's a trailer of the documentary:

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Meet the stars of new documentary "Jig" - producer Sue Bourne - VIDEO
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