Actress Jessica Biel, probably best known as the great Justin Timberlake’s current girlfriend, says she’d love to get down and dirty to play the legendary 16th century Irish pirate queen Grace O’Malley on screen.

"I've been reading the recent biography of Grace O'Malley and I just love her," Biel told the Evening Herald in Dublin. “I would give anything to play her. What an amazing and fully lived life she had!"

Indeed she did. The swashbuckling pirate queen and chieftain was immortalized on Broadway a couple of years back in the unfairly maligned musical “The Pirate Queen,” produced by “Riverdance” creators Moya Doherty and John McColgan, so perhaps Biel could do her justice on screen.

There is a planned movie of Grace’s life and times, based on an already written biography, in the works, but the Irish Film Board hasn’t secured the required financing for the project.

"I do have a broader range of interest and I could as easily and happily play an addict or a pirate. I've just never been offered as many of those roles as I'd like,” Biel said. “Now if the pirate queen were offered to me, that would be irresistible.”

Maybe Biel’s interest in the project would spur a studio to greenlight the movie. But her name on top of a film doesn’t exactly set the box office on fire, and just last week she gave a rather stuck-up interview to Allure magazine moaning that she doesn’t get offered choice roles because of her beauty.

All together now - awwwww!