The Oscar-winning actress. 44, says she will never succumb to the pressures of Hollywood because she doesn't "want to erase [her] history" from her face.

The 'Winter's Tale' star said: "We equate beauty for women with youth, and that's sad. It's a shame it's so hard for so many of us to appreciate the beauty of an older woman and to accept it in ourselves. I don't want to erase my history on my face."

But the brunette beauty insists she doesn't judge any of her peers for choosing to go under the knife in a bid to preserve their youthful appearances.

The 'American Pastoral' star told the November issue of More magazine: "There's a window of time, a hump to get over, because it's inevitable. I love that Radiohead song 'Fake Plastic Trees': 'He used to do surgery for girls in the '80s, but gravity always wins.' It's certainly a dialogue I have with myself. And I don't judge; every woman has to make her own choice. But for me it's more beautiful to see the person."

Jennifer's husband Paul Bettany also claims she is very low maintenance when it comes to her looks.

The 44-year-old actor said: "Jennifer is wildly beautiful, but she has no investment in it. Our two sons spend more time in the bathroom in the morning than she does. That pressure to be attractive hasn't ever landed on her."