Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have joined forces to say they're not dating.

Butler joined Aniston on vacation in Mexico last month as the former "Friends" star celebrated her 41st birthday.

But says Gerard, or 'Gerry' to his intimates, "We're just friends."

"I went for her birthday to Mexico. But we're just friends. We have a natural chemistry, you can see it in our magazine shoot and the film; we have a great time together, he said.

The duo are on the press trail to publicize their new movie, "The Bounty Hunter."

Says Jennifer, "They think that if you do a movie together and you get on really well you must be dating... I think it's a filler, it's fodder, it fills magazines, it has nothing backing it at all.

"You know there's all this stuff about calculating... that me and Gerry are in this fake relationship for the press of our movie or the selling of it. It's just so insulting at the same time, but again it's the story... I'm getting to a better place in understanding that they're just making money."

Okay guys, we get it but darn you two look good together!