Hip-hop star Jay-Z admits that he used to be a “horrible” performer until he studied U2 frontman Bono on stage to learn his moves.

"I used to be a horrible performer. I was terrible, because I'm not really an animated guy and rarely move around, so I had to figure out a way how to convey my message and talk to people in compact movements, all the while, being entertaining," the “Empire State of Mind” singer is quoted as saying on Contactmusic.com.

Jay-Z goes on to explain that he chose to learn from Bono’s onstage persona because like him, the Irishman doesn’t move around much, but still delivers a powerful performance every time.

"There is a very thin line between not moving and being boring,” Beyonce’s superstar husband said.

“He [Bono] doesn't move around, he's just a powerful performer. He knows how to exaggerate his movements. He knows how to have that conversation, without moving around much. I don't know if he moves...anywhere. He's a dynamic performer.”