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How many people can look Irish rock legend Bono of U2 in the eye and tell him that when it comes to the music on his latest album, perhaps he's stuck in a moment he needs to get out of?

Maybe more people than you think.

This week rapper Jay-Z revealed that his constructive criticisms of a U2 album prompted the Irish legend to rework an entire album - because, he said, he was simply worried it just wouldn't live up to their lofty history.

Jay-Z told the press: "One night I ran into Bono and he told me he'd read an interview I'd done."

"The writer had asked me about a U2 record that had just been released and I said something about the pressure a group like that must be under just to meet their own standards."

"Bono said the quote had really gotten to him and he decided to go back to the studio, even though the album was already done, and keep reworking it till he thought it was as good as it could possibly be. I was surprised that at this point in his career that he still got that anxious about his work."

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