The Irish aren’t the only ones who love Susan Boyle.

Japanese filmmakers plan on traveling to Boyle’s Scottish hometown and filming a documentary charting the singing sensation’s fairytale rise to fame.

Kanako Hiramoto from Japanese broadcaster NHK told Britain’s Sunday Mirror: “We wanted to tell the story of the Susan Boyle phenomenon and how the world responded to her remarkable performance on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’

“People in Japan are fascinated by the story.”

Japanese TV bosses will travel to Blackburn, Scotland to visit the “Britain’s Got Talent” runner-up’s council home. They plan to interview various people who know Susan, including fans at the Happy Valley pub where the star used to sing karaoke, and Del and Leslie McMillan, Americans who are so devoted to Susan that they offer tours of her hometown.

The 48-year-old songstress’ brothers Gerry, 55, and John, 52, may also be interviewed for the Japanese show, to be screened on primetime TV in mid-October.

Perhaps they’ll make a trip to the Irish Catholic shrine in Knock, County Mayo, the spiritual home for Susan Boyle.