Irish American actress Jane Lynch got a taste of the good life at White House during a private tour last week, thanks to an offer to sample one of the first family’s favorite desserts.

Lynch told her Twitter feed she had enjoyed 'the tour of a lifetime' of the president's home and later revealed more to TheHill.Com about her visit to celebrate People for the American Way founder Norman Lear's 90th birthday party.

'We went into the flower shop and we watched them making the flower arrangements. And we learned so much about the history, that it was former President Franklin Pierce who said there should be fresh flowers in the White House every three days, and they kept that tradition up,' Lynch explained.

Lynch admitted that she was a strong supporter of president Obama supporter, and she was thrilled tour 1600 Pennsylvania Aveenue adding: 'In the White House we not only went into all the wonderful rooms, but they took us into the basement, where we went to the pastry kitchen. And because the Obamas love pie, they let us taste the cherry pies they were making. We got an Obama pie!'

Lynch, 51, also met the Obamas dog Bo: “'We met Bo! I mean, we not only met Bo, we played with Bo. Bo hung out with us. Bo walked with us for a while.'

Meanwhile Lynch made preparations to co-host a fundraising lunch in Chicago with Michelle Obama yesterday. Lynch has previously narrated an Obama campaign video, and candidly admits she doesn’t consider the president a shoo-in in November: 'I think ultimately he’ll be reelected. It’s going to be close. That’s why people have got to get out and vote,' she warned.

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