Who knew the late French actor Herve Villechaize, best known for playing the feisty pint-sized sidekick Tattoo on the late seventies series Fantasy Island, was worthy of an HBO biopic?  Apparently he is, and Jamie Dornan is down to co-star.

HBO has given the thumbs up to My Dinner With Herve, which will also star Peter Dinklage from HBO’s monster hit Game of Thrones in the title role.

Deadline says the film is based on “an unlikely friendship that evolves over one wild night in LA between a struggling journalist, Danny Tate (Dornan), and actor Herve Villechaize (Dinklage), the world’s most famous gun-toting dwarf, resulting in life-changing consequences for both.”

Herve Villechaize (right) star of Fantasy Island.

Herve Villechaize (right) star of Fantasy Island.

Villechaize was a troubled soul who committed suicide in 1993. He was only 50.

Many actors were vying for the part of Danny Tate, so it’s a big feather in Dornan’s cap that he nabbed it. He’s currently filming Robin Hood Origins in Paris with Jamie Foxx.