Fallen pop king Michael Jackson has resorted to auctioning off the contents of his Neverland ranch in California to raise needed cash, and he's turned to an Irish auctioneer to help him do it. Martin Nolan, originally from Athlone, Co. Westmeath, is the executive director of the California-based Julien's Auctions, which specializes in entertainment related sales. Unloading the contents of Jacko's ranch certainly has to be a highlight of Nolan's career to date. "We were working on the sale of Bob Hope's estate when we got the call from Michael and his management. At first I thought it might be a few items he wanted to sell off but when I realized it was the entire contents of his Neverland estate, I couldn't believe it," Nolan told the Sunday Tribune. Jackson, who spent a good bit of time in Ireland with his kids in the months after his acquittal on child molestation charges in 2005, apparently is a fan of Ireland' s finest export, Waterford Crystal. "Michael bought a lot of Waterford Crystal," Nolan revealed. "I don't know whether he got it in Ireland or had it shipped over but at Neverland he had Waterford Crystal salt and pepper shakers, glasses and goblets. Michael bought the best of everything and never looked at a price tag." Don't be surprised if some of the purchasers of Wacko's goodies come from Ireland. "We've had a lot of interest from Ireland, with people from Donegal, Longford and Cork ringing up to buy the catalogue, which is made up of five books in a box set," Nolan said. The sale takes place in April. For more info, visit www.juliensauctions.com.