The 2009 Scot of the Year contest is a two-horse race, with songstress Susan Boyle facing stiff competition from the smoking hot and strapping action/romantic-com leading man Gerard Butler.

Though Butler has been on the scene for a few years, slaying his way with a sculpted six pack to stardom in '300' and then making the ladies swoon with turns in romantic comedies,Susan, as we all know, has gone from small town gal to globe trotting superstar singer in less than twelve months.

Scotscare, a charity based in London that offers advice and help to Scots living in the English capital, are running the poll to find out who is top of the Scots.

"We have a diverse range of contenders for this year's Scot of the Year title,” said ScotsCare's chief executive Willie Docherty

"I look forward to seeing who the public feel has waved the flag for Scotland in the right direction."

Well, you can’t get more diverse than the dashing actor and the singing phenom.  Who would you vote for?

True, Gerard Butler is a dish, but Susan Boyle has made her village of Blackburn known all over the world, and this gutsy lady, whose performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” on “Britain’s Got Talent” has been watched over 120 million times online, should sweep up the Scot of the Year title to add to her growing list of accolades.