"A source close to Miss Boyle said she felt she was being pulled in different directions by her managers – Andy Stephens, who used to work with George Michael, U2's former accountant Ossie Kilkenny and one of her nieces, Kirsty.

"The source added: “No wonder Susan may be a bit frazzled – it's all a bit too much to take in.”

This above quote is from The Daily Mail, which is usually accurate enough in their sourcing of stories.

If this is the case then I'm very much afraid that Susan Boyle is not in good hands.

The incident at London Airport this week reflects badly on everyone. Clearly Susan is under enormous stress and pressure, zigzagging the globe: Japan on New Year's, appearances in Britain, now back to America and so on. This may simply be too much pressure on her.

The expectations are enormous and increasingly unfair. She has delivered to her management and backers and then some. It hardly seems the decent thing to have her flying from pillar to post to achieve precisely what? A few more record sales?

Susan clearly has issues, anyone catapulted to worldwide fame from anonymity a year ago inevitably would have.  She has extra pressures because of a sheltered life and learning disabilities as a child. Exposing her full blast to world media scrutiny and a hectic travel schedule is not advisable.

This is no time to be showcasing her all over the world. What will her backers gain if she is unable to cope with all the demands on her?

Irish singer Enya is a worldwide phenomenon yet rarely leaves her Irish home. Her extraordinary voice carries her success. Susan Boyle could be a very similar phenomenon.

Personally I don't care if she never appears on this side of the water again, as long as her extraordinary voice continues to captivate in the years ahead. In Susan's case it is now clear that less is more. Management needs to learn that message.

Susan Boyle