It seems that Seth Meyers, star of “Saturday Night Live” is the frontrunner to replace the recently retired and much-loved Irish American former co-host, Regis Philbin, on “Live! With Kelly."

Also shorted listed is witty musician Josh Groban and former NFL player Michael Strahan, however, according to, Meyers is the frontrunner for the morning talk show spot.

In an exclusive report, they state that in September, Disney TV, ABC, and Michael Gellman are going to have to announce their decision.

They report that “on Monday, July 9th, Meyers starts a five day stint. It’s the first Monday to Friday stint for any co-host since Neil Patrick Harris from November 28th to December 2nd last year.”

It seems that Meyers is certainly being favored on the show as he sat in the co-host’s spot in April and again in May. And although Kelly has made it clear that she favors her friend Anderson Cooper for the spot, he already has two shows, one on CNN and one in syndication.

However, Meyers leaving NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” would be a major blow to the show.

Recently the show has felt the loss of Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg and there’s also reports that Jason Sudeikis is going to jump ship next season.

Either way, Meyer’s will be back on the stool next to Kelly this week.

Here’s a clip of Seth Meyer’s interviewing Zac Efron on “Live! With Kelly”:

Seth Meyers(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)