Is Robert Pattinson an out of control diva? Is fame finally going to his head? According to recent online rumors, last week Pattinson gave 'Eclipse' director David Slade a hard time during the next 'Twilight' movie re-shoots.
Pattinson showed up to Vancouver a day later than Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner which got tongues wagging.
According to Alt Film Guide, Pattinson should have been there sooner and as a result, his late coming messed up the shooting schedule for the meadow scene with Edward and Bella.
Not only that, Pattinson was accused of being just plain difficult off the set. Meetings behind-the-scenes were called 'intense.'
But could this all be a media ruse to drum up interest in the summer blockbuster? Alt Film Guide report that other sources have come forward to deny the rumors.
Additionally, Pattinson's studio claims the meadow wasn't the scene being re-shot. Last week's do-over in Vancouver was an outdoor scene between Bella and Jacob.
The variation between the two accounts is intriguing. One has Pattinson morphing into the kind of Hollywood drama queen we're so used to and the other makes him sound well adjusted and just doing what's expected of him. But well adjusted and Hollywood don't belong in the same sentence, do they?